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Learnings and Teachings on Web Application Development & CakePHP



CakePHP Searchable Plugin

A flexible and full featured CakePHP plugin for quickly adding site wide, multi-model search functionality to your application.



Get Google Analytics data in your CakePHP app

A CakePHP plugin for displaying Google Analytics data in your own application. The bulk of the code is in 3 datasources, a generic one for working with any REST APIs, a Gdata datasource for handling authentication with any of the 18 Gdata APIs and the Gdata Analytics datasource driver itself.



Baking master class – CakeFest Jul 09

Slides from CakeFest talk on the Bake script



Get ALL ACL permissions

Use ACL in your CakePHP application? Ever wanted to load all permissions for a user at login? Ever tried it with Acl->check() for each aco in your system and found your users get bored of waiting for your application to log them in? Then try this solution for loading all permissions in one query, that takes a few milliseconds, all thanks to a young man called Ben Roberts.



CakePHP Sequence Behavior

A CakePHP behavior for maintaining a contiguous sequence of order values. Records can be grouped by zero, one or multiple fields and the contiguous sequence is maintained for each group when adding, editing or deleting records.



CakePHP Site Search with Yahoo! BOSS

A complete turnkey solution for integrating Yahoo! BOSS powered site search functionality into your CakePHP application.



Send ‘em back from whence they came

A CakePHP component for tracking a user’s journey through your app, and redirecting them back to previous pages instead of hard coding the address. Code is ribbed… I mean MIT licensed for your pleasure.



Runtime Config in CakePHP apps

Inspired by Chris Hartjes blog post titled Handling Multiple Environments In Your PHP Application, I decided to post what I do that’s similar in my CakePHP apps.



Creating the product backlog

Previously I blogged about what user stories in scrum should look like, providing an overview of their format and principles, but not really covering a how you come up with them all or how you decide what order to do them in.

This post covers who needs to be involved and recommends a practical 10 step approach for creating the Product Backlog.



Quick and accurate high-level estimates in Scrum

So Agile is all about working software over comprehensive documentation right? But if I don’t know the detailed requirements up front, how can I estimate for a task? And if I can’t estimate for a task, how can we figure out how long the project will take and how much it will cost?

This post covers techniques for quickly and easily creating reasonably accurate, high-level estimates in the project kickoff meeting that are sufficient for resource planning and scheduling.